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Phil Spencer Says Xbox Series X Will Be Hard to Find This Holiday Season


Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer states that during this holiday season, the Xbox Series X will be difficult to find in stores.

Xbox Series X Christmas

Xbox head Phil Spencer remarked that consumers shopping for the Xbox Series X this holiday season may have trouble finding the elusive console at retailers. However, he is optimistic regarding the availability of the Xbox Series X‘s lower-end counterpart, the Xbox Series S.

One of the most significant defining factors of the current generation of consoles is their scarcity. Both the PS5 & Xbox Series X have been notoriously difficult to find in stores as worldwide supply issues have continued to disrupt the gaming & tech markets since 2020. While some of these circumstances have gotten easier to navigate over time, Xbox executives have stated that the supply shortage for the Xbox Series X is expected to continue into next year.


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The undersupply of current-gen consoles will especially be noticeable during the holiday season. On a recent episode of The Verge show Decoder, Phil Spencer stated that the Xbox Series X will still be hard to find in retailers for those shopping during the holidays, though the Series S may fare better. He maintained that Microsoft’s goal is to have enough consoles ready for consumers looking to buy them either online or in-person, despite the recent history of Xbox hardware shortages.

xbox series s with controller

Spencer went on to affirm that the Xbox Series S is a great option for those shopping for consoles during the holidays. “The fact that we do have an S console that is less expensive than our X console is helpful to families,” Spencer said. “The fact that we do have a subscription means I don’t have to pay $70 for every one of my video games, & I can build my library in a different way.”

Despite the Xbox br& facing numerous instances of hardware shortages in the two years since the release of Series X & S, Xbox has continued to experience success thanks in part to the popularity of Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service has allowed players on both Xbox & PC to play from a wide selection of games, some on the day of their release, while also enjoying other benefits such as access to Xbox Cloud Gaming as well as access to Electronic Arts titles through EA Play. These added features have bolstered the popularity of the Xbox br&, often giving players a reason to want to invest in a new Xbox console.

Xbox has also successfully embraced the PC market by releasing first-party Xbox games such as Halo Infinite on PC to resounding success & even offering Xbox Game Pass on PC as a separate subscription. Everything from popular indie titles such as the recently released Vampire Survivors to gr& JRPG adventures like Persona 5 Royal, the proliferation of titles on Game Pass has made it a selling point of modern Xbox consoles for non-PC players.

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