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Xbox Console Survives House Fire & Still Works

An Xbox One survives a terrible house fire & still works, evidencing the durability of Microsoft’s last-generation console.

An Xbox console is the only remaining item of a house fire from a player’s bedroom, & miraculously it still has power. This Xbox that survived a house fire suggests Xbox consoles are tougher than they look, as cosmetics aside, it is untouched in an otherwise devastating state of events.

Similar to the PS3 yellow light of death, the Xbox 360 red ring of death was a difficult time for Microsoft. Other issues continue today, such as the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift, suggesting that even though technology may continue to advance, so do the problems that Approach with it. However, for the horror stories regarding buggy consoles, other anecdotes show the opposite reign true regarding the overall quality of some video game consoles.


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Reddit User CaseyWrong posted an image of their damaged Xbox One on the Xbox forum. The caption expresses that their house burned down & that the Xbox was the only thing that could be salvaged from their room, & to their surprise, the console still works. Luckily, CaseyWrong shared that everyone was unharmed, & the comments of the post showcase a supportive community of users asking if Casey is okay & offering advice on insurance claims. It was reported several years ago that players were vaping into their Xbox Series X consoles to deceptively show that the product was faulty, but the fact that this Xbox One survived a house fire shows that it will sometimes take more than vapor or smoke to Wreck an Xbox console.

At first glance, the image of the smoky Xbox One looks like a black console that just so happens to be dirty, but upon closer examination, players can see that the console was originally white. One user in the comments poked fun at the console, saying that it is now a limited edition. It is worth mentioning that despite the console working at the time of posting, some comments recommended that the user have the console professionally cleaned, as there is a good chance that the smoke could damage the hardware. However, they could plan to upgrade to an Xbox Series X & keep the Xbox One as a memento.

What CaseyWrong & their family went through was a tragedy, but hopefully, they will have the opportunity to escape the troubles of their current situation with their surviving Xbox. There are many video games great for relaxing that the console can offer, especially considering all the indie games available through Xbox Game Pass.

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