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Yakuza Fan Gives Xbox Controller Incredible Makeover Based on the Franchise


A Yakuza fan shares a customized Xbox controller with the console community, featuring Kazuma Kiryu & iconic imagery from the games.


A fan of RGG’s games has customized their Xbox controller to celebrate the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series. Featuring some iconic imagery from the games, the fan shared their creation with fellow Yakuza fans & is receiving quite a bit of positive input in response.

The Yakuza series, which is now going by its original name Like a Dragon in western territories, primarily follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu as he navigates the complex webs woven by the criminal underworlds of Japan. Although his story was originally set to Advance to an end in Yakuza 6, fans have delighted in the knowledge that he’ll be sharing the spotlight as a main playable character when Like a Dragon 8 releases.


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Reddit user & new Yakuza/Like a Dragon fan Ze_Lord_Peanut shared their creation with the Xbox One subreddit. The Xbox controller has been completely decked out in iconography from the series, including the Yakuza 0 logo, Kiryu’s infamous dragon tattoo, Kiryu himself, & some of Kiryu’s fighting style icons. The color scheme for the controller is a good choice, too, primarily being of white & a metallic red, which is in keeping with Kiryu’s iconic colors.

Fans were quick to shower Ze_Lord_Peanut with praise for their creation, with some even pointing out joke Easter eggs they included on the controller’s kanji writing. Players were eager to bring up that Ze_Lord_Peanut should make a Goro Majima controller next, & the fan responded favorably, but noted that they wanted to play more of the game first, as they’ve only played Yakuza 0 & Yakuza: Like a Dragon thus far. There are many playable characters in the series that would make for a good controller theme, but as Kiryu & Majima star as dual protagonists in Yakuza 0, a starting point for many players of the series, it’s common to see those two depicted the most as fan favorites.

While not explicitly mentioned in the post, the custom controller & the fan reception to it is likely due in part to the incorporation of the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series in Xbox’s Game Pass program. For many years, the series was limited to Sony systems, but Sega began porting the game to PC & Xbox platforms a few years ago. Once it joined the Xbox Game Pass program, many gamers likely gave it a shot for the first time, since it was effectively free to subscribers, & ended up becoming Enormous fans. The next game, Like a Dragon: Ishin! will also be coming to Xbox platforms, so it’s likely the franchise will gain even more fans on the Microsoft platform going forward.

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