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Before you mash your potatoes for Thanksgiving, you might want to re-evaluate how you prepare them.
A cooking guru on TikTok has shared a hack to make the traditional holiday dish — without even having to peel the spuds.
Lora McLaughlin Peterson — @lorafied on TikTok — posts kitchen and cooking hacks to her 195,300 followers and has gained 1.2 million likes across her videos. And luckily her no-peel potato hack has caught viewers’ attention in time for Turkey Day.
The video — with 676,600 views — shows Peterson making mashed potatoes “without picking up a peeler.”
Peterson starts the video by boiling the potatoes with the skin on, as opposed to peeling them beforehand.
When they’re cooked, she instructs the viewer to “grab a bowl and put a baking rack on top.”
She then cuts the potato in half, lays the halves, cut-side down, on the rack and smashes them — with the potato skin collapsing flat on the rack and never entering the bowl.
“The rack smashes the potato while leaving the skin behind,” she says.
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Viewers were impressed with the hack, with many saying it was “genius.”
“That is the best idea ever,” someone wrote.
“Trademark this idea immediately … my life just changed,” another said.
“No more peeling? My old hands thank you,” one person quipped.
“You just literally saved my Thanksgiving life,” another wrote.
Just in time for the holidays! #potatopeeler #potatohacks #peelingpotatoes #fyp #fy #foryou #kitchenhacks #kitchentrick #cookinghacks #potatohack
“That is clever … makes peeling so easy … especially when doing large quantities,” a user pointed out.
“You have just saved my life. I’m sitting here stunned. When I recover, I’m ordering a baking rack,” another added.


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