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YouTuber Arrested After Eating Bat


A Youtuber from Thail& is arrested for eating a bat on the endangered species list in a video that has since been deleted.


A YouTuber is arrested after eating a bat. With how entertainment has evolved over time, there has been a growing phenomenon of some content creators going to the extreme for attention, especially on platforms such as YouTube where those tactics may be necessary for success.

While some personalities like Andrew Tate & Jake Paul tease a boxing match to stay in the public eye, others resort to different tactics that might be frowned upon by society. Sometimes this tactic of entertainment for monetary gain can go horribly wrong, like one Thai YouTuber who uploaded a video that can be considered disturbing.


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A YouTuber by the name of Phonchanok Srisunaklua was arrested in Thail& after eating an endangered species of bat in a now-deleted video. According to Dexterto, the mukbang-style video was uploaded to her channel called Gin Zap Bep Nua Nua, which in English means “eat spicy & delicious.” Eating different objects is not a new premise on the internet, as a Top Gun fan promised to eat a shoe, but consuming a bat has bigger health implications due to the risk of spreading disease. Phonchanok is facing a jail sentence of 5 years & $13,800 in fines.

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YouTubers have been arrested for far less, so seeing the video being taken down immediately & action being pursued against Phonchanok is encouraging. The arrest charge was for possession of a protected wildlife carcass & for violating the Computer-Related Crimes Act of 2007. Luckily for the viewers of the video, the bat was already presumed dead, however how she got the Lesser Asiatic Yellow Bat is unknown at this time, as it is an endangered species. Pattaraphon Manee-on, a spokesperson for Thail&’s Department of National Parks, condemned the incident & described it as shocking. He continued to describe the high health risks when touching bats due to them potentially hosting multiple pathogens, so one can only assume the damage when eating them. Fortunately, it was reported that the YouTuber’s community criticized her for this video before it was taken down.

Although Phonchanok Srisunaklua appeared to deny the charges at first, she has since uploaded an apology video for the incident, claiming that it is something she will be more mindful of in the future. This is not the first time that a YouTuber has had to make a public statement, as YouTube creator Valkyrae has apologized for using an AAVE phrase, & it likely will not be the last. However, this specific event involving a YouTuber eating bat will hopefully never happen again.

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