Following her MS diagnosis, actress Selma Blair had an emotional reunion with her horse.


One thing is known for sure despite the fact that the aetiology of multiple sclerosis is still unknown: it is a crippling and devastating illness. Scientists think that an environmental element that has not yet been discovered causes the illness in a person who is genetically predisposed to react, according to This is a rare condition that affects roughly three times as many women as males, with most cases occurring between the ages of 20 and 50. The disease’s severity varies from person to person.

Actress and equestrian Selma Blair, 46, disclosed to the world that she was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Two months after receiving her first diagnosis, Selma used her Instagram account in October of this year to open out to her followers about her problems on social media:

Since the time of her post, she has bravely and dignifiedly advocated for others who bravely and everyday deal with an incurable condition by using her platform. She has gotten an incredible amount of affection from her admirers and the media, but one thing she misses more than anything is her horse, Mr. Nibbles:

Selma used to spend endless hours showjumping with Mr. Nibbles, but eventually she felt strong enough to go back on him. It goes without saying that everyone who saw the wonderful moments unfold shed a lot of tears.

It was described as a fairytale by her. “More feelings than words can express, my horse in my front yard. The appreciation. I appreciate that you were there for me when I most needed you, #cellardoorequestrian. I’ll recover. I’ll take the ride. But in the meanwhile, I’ll cling to this sensation and share photos anytime we all need to be reminded that people will move mountains and horses to make things better for us.

She labels this picture so elegantly, using the simple yet impactful phrase “I can.”