Lost baby elephant wanders into South African family’s home


A family in South Africa discovers a young elephant that has wandered into their house.
When the small explorer finally made its way into the owner’s front room, the owners could not believe what they saw.

When the young woman arrived to Thula Thula Reserve on Tuesday evening, it is believed that she went around 30 kilometres before arriving there. She was given the name Tom, after the chef of the ranch who was the first person to find the elephant in the garden.

At the same time that rangers were heading out into the reserve to locate the mother elephant, Mrs. Anthony and her team made sure that the baby elephant had access to food and water.

Mrs. Anthony, who has owned the reserve for fifteen years, said that she has never encountered anything such to this. She was startled to discover that the infant was the calf of an elephant that her husband had rescued some years ago.

The fact that newborn elephants never ever go apart from their group suggests that she must be as naive as the youngest hobo.

“It is also remarkable that she ended up at my home. We have 4,500 hectares of land, and even though she was spotted a day before she arrived at my home with her herd at the other end of the reserve, it is still remarkable that she ended up at my home.”

“She had walked miles to get here, and when she arrived, she appeared to be quite distressed; she appeared to be exhausted, thirsty, and hungry despite her appearance.”

Mrs. Anthony and her team allowed Tom the elephant to wander freely and took care to avoid having too much interaction with the animal out of concern that it could cause her mother to reject her.

When Tom was eventually reunited with her, her mother, whom we had rescued from a nearby reserve that was ready to let a hunter in to kill her, was overjoyed. We had rescued her from the reserve.

“I am unable to say the same thing about Tom; she must be a bit of a rebel because she attempted to run after the van as we were pulling away from the parking lot.”

Even though she was only here for a few hours before we were able to get her, the experience was really enchanted.

In order to ensure that everything was in order, her herd was checked throughout the night, and she was allowed to return to the herd.

This is indeed an amazing account of a rescue operation. I made an effort to snap photographs, but I was unable to use the flash since I did not want to frighten her.

‘It was an absolutely delightful adventure.’