Through his photos, Brendan Burden showcases the surprisingly beautiful ordinary birds.


When was the last time you saw a pigeon? Were they eating leftovers from a fast food restaurant in the park? Infuriating you when you were attempting to eat outside in the fresh air? Is it possible to urinate on a statue?

Despite the fact that they are common in many contemporary cities, pigeons are not particularly well liked.
However, Brendan Burden, a photographer from Canada, argues that people have forgotten about the beauty of the pigeon. This is the reason why he is celebrating the world of “fancy pigeons” in this collection of photographs.

There is evidence that humans have been keeping pigeons for at least 10,000 years; in fact, it is possible that pigeons were the first bird to be tamed. Fancy pigeons, which are maintained exclusively for their beauty, have been around for nearly as long as pigeons, and they are even pictured on hieroglyphs found on Egyptian tombs.

Burden gives pigeons the kind of respect that is often given for more significant subjects by using formal portrait methods in his work.
Therefore, the next time you come across one, you will keep in mind that these birds are more than simply a nuisance in the park.

Ash red homing pigeon

Crested pigeon

Ring-necked dove

Racing pigeon

Copper wing archange

Egyptian swift

Indian fantail


Yellow komorner tumbler

Black modena bronze shield

Diamond dove

English long faced tumbler

Baldhead roller

Lavender racing homer

Domestic flight