What are the signs of a dog feeling sick just after giving birth?


Monitor the mother dog for suffering or difficulties after giving birth to pups. While most dogs give birth without complications, it’s important to be aware of possible concerns. These signs may suggest a dog’s illness after giving birth:

Heavy or continuous bleeding: A postpartum complication may occur if the mother dog is bleeding excessively. Some bleeding or discharge is normal, but excessive bleeding is concerning.

Lethargy or weakness: If the mother dog seems fatigued, weak, or underactive after giving birth, there may be a problem. She may ignore her pups or her surroundings.

A reduction in appetite or unwillingness to eat after giving birth may signal a problem. After giving birth, the mother dog should eat again within two days. A persistent appetite loss may need veterinarian care.

Fever: A fever or elevated body temperature may indicate an infection or other postpartum problem. Dogs usually have a body temperature of 99.5°F to 102.5°F (37.5°C – 39.2°C).

Discomfort or pain: Restlessness, pacing, or vocalisation may indicate pain in the mother dog. This might be caused by an infection or retained placenta.

A strong, bad odour or abnormal discharge from the delivery canal may indicate infection or retained placenta. Pay alert to strange scents or discharge.

If you see any of these signs or are worried about the mother dog after giving birth, call a vet immediately. To protect the mother dog and her pups, prompt veterinarian care can detect and treat any issues.