25 horses killed in barn fire, Georgiatown


Donations flood in for the farm after a barn fire kills 25 horses.
When Scott County firemen arrived to Brannon Farm on Sunday, they report that the barn had already burnt completely.

WTVQ – GEORGETOWN, Ky. The riding community in Scott County was completely destroyed by a barn fire early on Sunday morning. According to the fire brigade, 25 horses perished when the barn at Brannon Farm burnt completely. Elena Jordan, 15, calls the Brannon Farm community “a family” and “close-knit.”

“Having a fire at a barn is really devastating; anyone in the horse community knows how strong of a family it is,” Jordan adds. “I feel exactly the same way as 24 people, and we lost 25 horses in it.”

Jordan claims that as soon as her parents informed her about the fire, she realised there was a bigger issue. 25 people perished in the fire, including her horse Cash. According to Jordan, she has had Cash for almost three years; he was her first horse.

Jordan claims, “He’s taught me everything I know and taken me to every single horse show I’ve ever gone to.” He really was the greatest horse out there, in my opinion. Extremely kind and kind, and it would never do harm.

Many in the riding community say they’re still in shock over what occurred, while others claim Brannon Farm is simply trying to get by day to day at the moment.

As a community, we shall gradually overcome this lengthy process, according to Jordan.

While not everyone may be concerned about what was lost, according to Jordan, Brannon Farm was rich in history and meant a great deal to their barn family.

Jordan said, “I think everyone who’s been involved with that barn or anybody who’s indirectly related to this barn is really devastated to see this happen, not just the people who had their horses inside.”

On Monday, investigators returned to the area in an attempt to determine what caused the fire. Brannon Farm is in need of reconstruction, thus a GoFundMe has been established. Nearly $70,000 has already been raised out of the $100,000 target. You may make a donation by clicking THIS link.


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