The special friendship between a neighbor and Brody, the St. Bernard


There is a home in Mount Vernon on a good street. Another home is situated close by.
There is simply grass between the two houses; there is no fence or other form of barrier, and this openness of property and spirit has helped to foster the development of a lovely relationship.
Brody the St. Bernard was the first to meet us when we initially arrived on the block. He seemed to be intrigued as he stood in the centre of the street with his head cocked to the side. A gorgeous demon, Brody. Additionally, he is two years old, slobbery, floppy, and simply adorable.
When we got near to Dave and Edie Mazzarella’s dog Brody, we couldn’t help but notice the dog’s enormous head. It’s enormous, easily the breadth of two human noggins, and in this instance it seemed to be filled with nothing but a sensation of silly, limitless joy.

Dave Mazzarella recalls Brody’s first day of employment. When he was 12 weeks old, he vanished pretty instantly. He said, “I had just given him a bath, and I walked inside and he was gone.
At Sally Reenhorn’s home, next door, they discovered him.
“I circled the area, and sure enough, she was there. Without me, they had had their first meeting.
At the time, Sally was 93 years old. She lived alone in her house. She speaks with a charming Dutch accent, always has a smile in her eye, and has the type of love for life that prevents her from ageing.
She recalls that first day well. “There was a nice small dog sleeping by my sliding doors. and small. That was Brody, and he remained there.
Sally made do because she didn’t have any dog treats on hand.
“Well, maybe he wants some old bread, I reasoned. He also loved it! You won’t believe it, but he still won’t eat dog food from me! He asks for just bread from me.
Brody began to come back often as a result. Every day he would hop over to Sally’s place. sometimes three or four times daily. And the two of them hit it off right away.
“I just saw it growing every day, and Brody and Sally just clicked.” It was a lovely relationship, according to Edie.

On occasion, Brody would come over and sit on the sofa with her while they watched football.
He would sometimes accompany her while she cared for her plants in the backyard.
She would sometimes chat to him as she rubbed his stomach with one foot while he was lying at her feet.
Dave, an Instagram enthusiast, began recording a video of the two of them with his phone. He can be heard in the background giggling and admiring how his dog and his neighbour had grown to be friends.
One video captures Brody approaching Sally’s window and pressing both paws on it as he waits for her to notice. Sally opens the window when she notices him and asks, “Brody, you want to come to the back door? The dog then ran off to obtain his daily meal and plenty of Sally’s affection.

On another hot summer day, Sally is using a hose to water the plants. Nearby, Brody is sleeping. “You like it, you like it?” asks Sally. He promptly stands up when she sprays her friend with water.
Sally yelled, “Don’t shake on me!” but Brody, of course, paid no attention. He shook the water off, and Sally leaped, screamed, and howled with the most glorious laughter as it covered her.
Sally would walk to church, and Brody would accompany her. Additionally, if you watch Dave’s short films in order, you can see Brody expanding.
Sally exclaims, “I treat you ever since you were a small pup, a lovely little dog, and now look at this beast! There is a scene of the two of them in a garage. Ha! Oh, Brody.
And she rolls the Rs when she speaks his name, making it seem like “Brrrrrrody!”
Sally grew older as Brody grew larger. She had a little heart attack a few months back. She recovered without incident, but it was enough for her and her kids to decide that it was time to give up the home and go a few miles away to a senior care facility.

She quickly made friends and adjusted well to her new environment. She just celebrated her 95th birthday in the company of loved ones, friends, and admirers.
Brody’s adjustment hasn’t gone as smoothly. One day, his pal had just vanished.
He still approaches her home and leans his paws on the glass four months later. He still makes his way to the rear, round the corner, and sits by the sliding door as he waits for his companion.
She has left and won’t be returning, Dave and Edie attempted to explain.
“He felt down. He didn’t know where Sally had gone and was searching for her,” Edie explains.
Dave claims, “He didn’t know any different.” He just went there every day, but since there were no longer any goodies, he would just sit there and doze off on the porch. Therefore, I would have to contact him or pull him back.
Dave then had a thought.

He gets Brody to place his front paws on the seat while he opens the SUV’s rear door. He then raises Brody’s rear end so that he may board the vehicle. He and Edie then get in and have a little trip.
Three kilometres separate you from Sally’s new house.
As they enter the lobby and go down one of the halls, Brody seems to know where he is heading.
Sally responds to their knock by opening the door wide. “Look, there’s her!” Hello, sweetheart, says Dave. Sally exclaims, “Hello!” as she encircles the large dog’s neck with her arms.
Brody can recall Sally. Animals never forget to be compassionate.
They soon find a seat in a courtyard and settle down there.
“You don’t like the sun, you like the shade, don’t you?” Sally asks as she stoops down and rubs her fingers through the thick fur.
There is a laid-back type of comfort for close friends—the kind that comprehend one another. Sally and Brody are similarly affected.
With his head on the floor, Brody sat down at her feet. Sally placed her little foot on his back and gave it a leisurely massage while chatting sporadically.
Do you enjoy that? Do you like that, Brrrrrrrrody?
I wondered, keeping my distance, what big old joyful Brody would say right now, if he could speak.

After giving it some thinking, I grinned to myself since I knew he probably wouldn’t say anything as he laid there in all his splendour having his buddy massage his belly. What good would it do?
Some forms of joy cannot be expressed in words.
“Are you staying with me today?” The birds are you hearing? Brody, do you hear the birds? “Ahhh Brrrrrrrody,” exclaims Sally.


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