A fireman from Northamptonshire receives funding for an animal rescue study


A grant has been given to a fireman to investigate more efficient methods of rescuing animals from the water.
Mick Titcombe of the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service will be able to meet with animal rescue specialists in Australia and the USA thanks to the Churchill Fellowship funding.
“We must enhance our capability and knowledge and incorporate animal water rescue into our national operational guidelines,” he said.
He’s spent twenty-five years fighting fires. Mr. Titcombe works for the Northamptonshire service as a watch commander, specialised trainer, and national resilience coordinator.
He is now in the training department and spent 19 years working at the Wellingborough Fire Station, which houses some of the specialised animal and water rescue equipment used by the agency.

He will be able to spend 20 days in Australia thanks to the award, where emergency personnel have had to cope with several flooding-related calamities.
In order to learn how the fire department and other emergency responders handle incidents of this kind and what tools and procedures they use to get the greatest results, he will collaborate with them.
After that, Mr. Titcombe will fly to the United States to participate in a three-day multi-state catastrophe simulation exercise.
“The recent flooding that has occurred in the UK has already shown the potential disruption that comes with a changing climate,” Mr. Titcombe said.
“A large portion of the flood emergency response models concentrate on human rescue with little regard for the awareness, tools, expertise, or experience of saving aquatic animals. I want something to be altered.”
Acting Chief Fire Officer for Northamptonshire, Simon Tuhill, said that Mr. Titcombe had “identified a knowledge gap” and created a plan that may enhance the “operational response to animal rescues.”
Giving grants to persons who “follow their passion for change, through learning from the world and bringing that knowledge back to the UK” is the mission of the charity Churchill Fellowship.


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