A gifted dog groomer gives shelter canines a boost, and their “new hairdos” are charming.


He is the dog grooming equivalent of Edward Scissorhands, and he is using his skills for a worthwhile cause. 💗

Dog grooming expert Gabriel Feitosa is a great artisan.
His ability to combine bold colours and create adorable character-themed looks has completely changed our perception of pet makeovers.His enthusiasm is firmly anchored in a purpose to make a difference, not merely in aesthetics.
Gabriel’s ascent to prominence was swift.

His distinctive grooming style swept the internet only two years ago.
He modestly claimed a startling 5 billion impressions in the last year alone when questioned about the reach of his work.
That’s a lot of affection for these adorable dogs.
However, notoriety also attracts its share of detractors.
Adaya, Gabriel’s poodle, may have a lion-like appearance, but the real people who are roaring are the internet haters.
People are clearly divided: they either love his work or they are adamantly against it.
To demonstrate the non-toxic vegan colour he uses is safe, Gabriel, ever the expert, even went so far as to taste it.

The foundation of Gabriel’s quest is resiliency.
His deep love of dogs gave him hope as a child growing up in one of the poorest areas of Brazil.
This affection is very personal to him and has influenced his whole outlook on life; it goes beyond his career.
His dedication to dogs extends beyond only giving them a new appearance.
Gabriel kindly offers his team, his knowledge, and his time to help shelter dogs—especially the ones who are passed over for adoption.
The world is familiar with Gabriel Feitosa from his “cascades of colour” and the cute character-themed looks he provides his customers.
Gabriel is highly praised by the San Diego Humane Society, which is represented by Nina Thompson.
His commitment to the cause is shown by the fact that he provides these shelter canines with his top services—which often cost between $500 and $1300—for free.
The Humane Society makes sure that the dogs’ comfort and safety are the first priorities, despite some internet critics raising doubts about how much time a dog may spend getting groomed.
It’s a pleasure to see Gabriel and his group in action.
Despite popular assumption, the dogs really seem to appreciate the extra attention and the longer grooming time.

Gabriel underlines that the typical grooming procedure only takes around 40 minutes longer with these makeovers.
Gabriel conveys a really clear and sincere message.
Ultimately, it’s about love, commitment, and the conviction that every dog deserves a shot at happiness—not simply about the hues or the makeovers.
This idea is supported by Gabriel’s work, and his trip serves as a lovely reminder of the extraordinary link that exists between people and their animal friends.
Click the video below to find out more about Gabriel’s charitable yet unconventional grooming!

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