A loving dwarf horse with a heart of gold


One of the most affectionate miniature horses with a heart of gold and a great deal of heart

Shammy is a product that is completely unique. Due to the fact that it has only been alive for a little over five months, this teeny-tiny horse weighs just fifty pounds and stands twenty inches tall. Although it is true that he is rather small, this is because he is affected with a rare kind of dwarfism that prevents him from growing to his full potential. On the other hand, he counteracts the fact that he is not very large by virtue of his heart. Michele Puryear, his doting mother, asserts that he is extremely similar to a dog that she has nurtured. She says this about him many times. Being in the same room as his own mother is not something that he would like to be in at this time. Whenever he feels the need to relax, he follows her about and tries to have as much snuggle time as he can with her.

The unpleasant reality is that his condition will undoubtedly cause him problems as he grows older. This is because his body is not increasing at the same rate as his internal organs. It is possible that he may get arthritis as a consequence of his stunted growth, which is a potential consequence. As a result of the fact that Michele is aware of all of these distinct options, all that she wants is for him to be free from discomfort. To tell you the truth, that is the one and only thing that we could ever hope to have for Shammy.