After an accident, a pit bull watches nervously as his grandmother fixes his favourite stuffed animal.


People often have a favourite toy or blanket as kids, something that makes them feel better when the world gets too much.And people aren’t the only ones who find comfort in a favourite toy from their childhood (or puppyhood).
One cute pittie puppy in Jacksonville, Florida, loves his soft heart-shaped toy.
Draco has had his pillow for as long as anyone can remember. His mom, Allie O’Cain, saved him from a puppy mill when he was only 2 weeks old, and he’s had the stuffy ever since.

He takes the pillow with him on many of his adventures and guards it as carefully as a mother guards her kid.
When he was playing with his friend Willow, a black lab, the unthinkable happened.
Willow picked up the pillow, and Draco ran over to save his stuffy. But when he did, he pulled a little too hard, and the poor pillow tore.

Draco looked sad, and everyone was afraid that was the end of the toy.
That was until Grandma came to their aid.
“I’ll make it right, Draco!” Allie’s mum cried as she hurried to pick up the pillow and some of its stuffing that had fallen out. She then took it quickly to her sewing machine. She worked hard to stuff and sew back together Draco’s prized treasure, and he helped her the whole time.
“He acted as if his wife was going into surgery.” Allie wrote about the situation on her Facebook page.
Draco did sit next to his grandmother the whole time and never took his eyes off the toy.

Draco kept his head and paws up on the table and never took his eyes off the surgery. He also didn’t breathe until he knew his pillow was safe.
When the pillow was fixed, Draco carefully put it in his mouth and carried it back to his bed, where he slept with it for the rest of the night.
Even though it’s an old toy that might keep ripping or getting holes, Allie and her mum are determined to fix it every time.
They know that it gives their boy a lot of comfort and will do anything to make him happy.
Allie wants people to know that, even though pit bulls have had a bad reputation in the past, they are really just big babies.
They are loving and protective, get along well with other dogs and kids, and are just nice dogs to be around.

Their cute, big-eyed baby seal face goes well with how nice and funny they are.

If you are looking for a new dog for your family, don’t rule out pit bulls because they have a bad name.
It is important to know that all dogs can be good and all dogs can be bad. It all depends on how you teach them and how much love you give them.


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