A baby chimpanzee who was abandoned and raised by rescuers for 8 years “can’t hold his joy” when he’s set free.


A young orangutan named Budi is a true survivor.
This little creature was saved by the International Animal Rescue team eight years ago when it was in an incredibly pitiful condition. Budi’s future was bleak because he was malnourished, swollen, and immobile. But his road to recovery got underway with prompt medical care and a customised diet.
It is quite amazing to see how he developed from a weak infant into a powerful and self-reliant orangutan.

Early on in his recovery, Budi was given intense care in a quarantine unit of the clinic.His recovery from illness required the team’s time and attention as they worked to help him gain strength. Budi showed hints of progress, though it was a slow process. He could even hold his caregiver’s fingers as his strength increased, a modest but significant advancement.
It took Budi roughly four months of this meticulous care before it was time for him to enrol in infant school, a crucial stage in the rehabilitation of rescued orangutans.
Budi first socialised with other juvenile orangutans and rediscovered climbing here.
He proceeded to get stronger and improve physically as he began eating healthy meals.
With his promotion to Forest School, where he really started to take off, Budi’s journey continued. The focus was on boosting their self-esteem and teaching them orangutan natural behaviour.

Budi learned how to build nests and scavenge for food while spending more time in the trees than on the ground.He slowly started to rely less and less on his human carers, displaying an increasing level of independence.
Budi made tremendous improvement. Budi developed a measure of independence far earlier than some other orangutans from his initial significant dependency on people.
He was making the necessary moves to be released back into the wild when he happily spent his nights outside in the forest, which was amazing to witness.
The devoted staff at International Animal Rescue carefully monitored Budi’s growth.They needed to make sure he would live after being discharged.
Budi eventually reached the point where he was prepared to be released free after many years.
The much anticipated time has arrived. Back in the jungle, where he belonged, Budi was released. It was a difficult time for the staff that had taken care of him.

They had seen him develop from a weak, sickly infant into a strong, self-reliant orangutan.It was time to say goodbye to him after spending so much time and energy on his recovery.

The path of Budi demonstrates the crew at International Animal Rescue’s unwavering commitment. It is absolutely admirable that they are working to rescue and care for orangutans like Budi and give them a second chance at life.
A great example of what can be done with love, care, and unshakable perseverance is Budi’s journey, from rescue to release.

The success of Budi serves as a sign of optimism for orangutans in the future.These magnificent animals can have the chance to flourish in the wild, where they belong, with the help of groups like International Animal Rescue.
The path of Budi serves as evidence of the transforming power of love and the beneficial effects it may have on the lives of those who are most in need.


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