Beautiful, Rare Twin Foals Are Born to a Belgian Draught Horse


Within the equestrian community, twin births are quite uncommon. Seeing a draught horse give birth to healthy twins is even more unusual.
Nevertheless, this stunning black Belgian mare gave birth to two gorgeous black babies in spite of the odds.
The tiny twins, Lisa and Fien, were born healthy and happy, defying all the odds.

At only four days old, Fien and Lisa are shown joyfully interacting with their mother in the endearing video. When they play in the meadow with their happy mother, they are brimming with vitality and happiness.
The mother and her infants treat the little girl who comes to see them with kindness, according to their good character. They seem to take pleasure in their little friend’s devotion.

About Draught Horses in Belgium
Across the globe, one of the most favoured draught breeds are Belgian draught horses. They are wonderful horses to work with because of their mild dispositions and robust, muscular bodies.

Belgians weigh between 1,800 and 2,200 pounds and are 16.2–17 hands tall. Among the world’s most populous horse breeds are these ones.

At 20 hands 2.75 inches and 2,500 pounds, Big Jake, a Belgian, held the world record for the biggest horse.

Rare twin foals are born to a Belgian mare.

They are a well-liked breed for draught labour, such as hauling hitches, forestry, and ploughing.

In addition to being well-liked show horses, Belgians compete in driving, in-hand, and even under saddle.

In Belgium, formal breeding of Belgian horses began in the seventeenth century. Later, in the late 1800s, they made their way to America. The breed gained popularity among farmers quite rapidly.

Little mare from Belgium and her two puppies

The most prevalent colours for Belgian Draught horses are bay, black, chestnut, or a roan variant.

Belgians are chestnut in colour with flaxen manes and tails in America. Their legs are likewise covered with feathers.

Make sure to watch the video below to see the cute Belgian mare and her twin foal.


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