Explore the Top Seven Podcasts for Horse Lovers


Get one or more of these top seven horse podcasts into your rotation immediately if you love horses.

For those who find solace, joy, and inspiration in the world of horses, there’s nothing quite like immersing oneself in the wealth of knowledge and entertainment offered by podcasts tailored specifically for equine enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or simply harbor a love for these majestic creatures, the following seven podcasts are sure to captivate your imagination and deepen your appreciation for all things equine.

1. The First Podcast Horse Fix

Hosted by renowned horse expert Dr. Sandra Holt, Ph.D., The Horse Fix podcast offers a nuts-and-bolts approach to horse training methods and expert interviews. While episodes are released monthly and are relatively short at 20 minutes each, they pack a punch with actionable advice and insights into understanding and training your horse effectively.

2. Horse Tip Daily

If you’re seeking a regular dose of solid content, look no further than Horse Tip Daily. With a focus on providing practical tips for interacting with your horse in the most productive manner, this podcast features regular experts and covers a wide range of topics. Its easy-to-digest approach and daily format make it a go-to option for equestrians looking to enhance their skills.

3. Straight From the Horse Doctor’s Mouth

Hosted by expert Dr. Erica Lacher, Straight From the Horse Doctor’s Mouth is a must-listen for horse owners keen on ensuring the health and well-being of their equine companions. With weekly episodes delving into essential topics such as horse care, identifying and addressing health issues, and minimizing injuries, this podcast provides invaluable advice in a format that’s easy to understand and apply.

4. Horse Training in Harmony: Dressage Naturally

For those seeking a deeper understanding of their horse’s behavior and a more harmonious approach to training, Horse Training in Harmony: Dressage Naturally is the perfect choice. With expert analysis and coaching, this podcast breaks down barriers between horses and humans, catering to riders at intermediate and expert levels who are open to an unconventional approach to dressage.

5. The Whole Horse Podcast With Alexa Linton

Featuring interviews with experts in horse husbandry, The Whole Horse Podcast covers a wide range of topics including riding, training, and proper care. Hosted by Alexa Linton, this podcast offers insights and advice to help you develop a deeper respect for your horse and improve your training techniques.

6. Be Your Best Horsemanship

Focused on helping riders excel through small, actionable steps, Be Your Best Horsemanship is a highly immersive podcast that emphasizes the importance of mindset and communication in horse training. With each 30-minute episode tackling a different challenge, this podcast provides valuable tips on stress management, routine maintenance, and building a strong relationship with your horse.

7. The Whoa Podcast About Horses and Horsemanship

Dive into the specifics of horsemanship with The Whoa Podcast About Horses and Horsemanship. Each week, listeners are treated to insights on dealing with various horse-related issues, from working with young colts to mastering the basics of horsemanship. With a focus on practical advice and real-world scenarios, this podcast is a valuable resource for equestrians of all levels.


Whether you’re seeking practical tips for training your horse, insights into equine behavior, or simply a dose of inspiration, the top seven podcasts for horse lovers offer a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. So saddle up, plug in your earphones, and embark on an enriching journey through the fascinating world of horses. Happy listening!