Help from a “Maternal” Canine Friend made it possible for a dog with excruciating eye issues to get surgery (Exclusive).


Heartwarming Story: Dog Supported Through Surgery by ‘Maternal’ Canine Friend Seeks Foster Home

Best pals on the dog Kaylee and Nibs are now working together with the assistance of the Dutchess County SPCA to search for a foster home for their child. Both Kaylee, who is three years old, and Nibs, who is thirteen years old, were two dogs who were brought to the Dutchess County SPCA together.

At the Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park, Nibs (left) and Kaylee (right) are shown. Shot in New York. Dogs of Dukess County

As Kaylee heals from her operation, the New York shelter is now searching for a foster family that will be able to take in both of the canines.
Due to the fact that Kaylee, who is blind, was brought to the DCSPCA with glaucoma and terrible inflammation that affected both of her eyes, the shelter made the decision to remove the dog’s eyes. Both Kaylee and NIbs, two canine companions who are best friends, are searching for a loving home to begin their next chapter.

The canines, who were a bonded pair, were only recently brought to the shelter of the Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park, New York. They came from the same family. Initially, Kaylee and Nibs were only there for a short period of time in the shelter.

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In the beginning, their owner brought them to us as part of our safety net boarding programme here at the facility. In the event that someone is in a precarious situation (for example, they have lost their residence or are experiencing a medical emergency), we will board their animals for them at no cost for a certain amount of time until they are able to become financially stable again. In the case of these two dogs, the owner was unable to retrieve them and ultimately turned them over to us, as stated by Lynne Meloccaro, the executive director of the District of Columbia SPCA, in an interview with this publication.

Now that Kaylee is in need of a secure and loving environment in which she may recover, the canine companions are searching for a foster home together. The three-year-old girl, Kaylee, was brought to the shelter suffering from glaucoma and excruciating inflammation in both of her eyes. She is able to “get around quite well” by using her sense of smell, and her pal Nibs, who is 13 years old, assists her with the rest of the tasks.

She looks to Nibs for information about the people and things that are in her immediate vicinity. The explanation that Meloccaro gives is that Kaylee has faith in Nibs to inform her that a new person is a friend, that it is time to eat, or that it is time to go outdoors. “Because Kaylee’s eyes were not functioning and were giving her considerable pain, the decision was made to remove them,” said to the shelter’s director.

In order to alleviate the suffering that Kaylee was experiencing, the eyes of the younger dog were removed by the shelter after she was formally handed over to the DCSPA together with Nibs. The treatment seems to have caused Nibs more worry than it did for Kaylee, who was able to tolerate the operation without any problems.

During Kaylee’s operation, Nibs was completely overcome with emotion. Upon Kaylee’s return to her, Nibs remained at her side throughout the whole time, and Kaylee sought solace in Nibs. As a result of the fact that Nibs is a small, squat hippo, it is very gratifying to watch them together, especially considering that Kaylee is a very tall and loving giant. Meloccaro describes them as “inseparable” even though they have unique personalities. “They are like the Odd Couple.”

The filmmaker goes on to say that Nibs entered the shelter with strong affections for Kaylee, and that these sentiments have only grown stronger while he stayed there. “Since Nibs is so much older, and Kaylee probably had vision issues since she was a puppy, we surmised that Nibs’ maternal instinct kicked in, and she considered herself a canine caretaker for Kaylee,” Meloccaro says of how the relationship between Kaylee and Nibs first evolved. “Kaylee was probably having vision issues since she was a puppy.”

The DC SPCA does not intend to separate the two animals. Both canines are in need of a foster home where they can rehabilitate together, and the shelter is seeking for one. Nibs is recuperating from Lyme illness and a procedure to remove non-cancerous fatty lumps, while Kaylee is adapting to life on the other side of the world after undergoing eye surgery.

This couple would benefit from having a foster who has previous experience with big dogs and who has space that is appropriate for them. Meloccaro reveals that it would be ideal for Kaylee to have a residence that is on a single floor and has a plan that allows her to simply navigate her surroundings and move about. She believes that after the two dog buddies have adjusted to their new environment, they will be wonderful foster pets thanks to their companionship.

The fact that Kaylee is no longer experiencing discomfort has made Nibs feel better as well. Nibs will give herself a little me time for a sleep while Kaylee is playing, but she knows that she must always be aware of where Kaylee is. Despite this, the two of them continue to snuggle together. And it is imperative that Kaylee be aware that Nibs is never far away,” the filmmaker continues. The DC SPCA will begin the search for a permanent home for the two canines as soon as they have completely recovered from their injuries.

“We consider them to be bonded, so they must be adopted together,” according to Meloccaro.