Heroic Park Ranger Rescues Drenched Dog and Transports It Through a Dangerous Mountain Trail


Some heroes operate in America’s National Parks while wearing hiking boots instead of capes.
On Tuesday, when the mercury rose to ninety degrees at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area’s hilly terrain, Lexie Daniel and her companions saw a selfless deed that prevented a dog from dying.

Mount Tammany in New Jersey, Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC license

A guy with a very hot dog was discovered by Lexie and her hiking companions. Seeing how much the puppy was already suffering, the group feared that even though they had given their water, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the pup alive.
Lexie told GNN, “The owner brought along a huge jug, but no amount of water seemed to be helping.”

“The loving owner called the park rangers ASAP,” Lexie added, reporting their position on Mount Tammany, stating that he was too fatigued to carry the dog himself.
Kris Salapek, the supervisory park ranger, quickly located them on the path.
The massive dog was then hoisted over Kris’s shoulders and carried down the mountain.
According to Lexie, “it was a LONG distance—a couple miles down an extremely rocky path.”
Kris “laid him in the water as he knelt beside him and poured water on him” when they arrived at the creek.

The ranger proceeded to hoist him back onto his shoulders and made his way back to the street.
“It was a long way down; he must have been on his shoulders for about an hour.” stated over text message, Lexie.
New Jersey’s Mount Tammany, Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC licence
“The owner hiked down ahead of the ranger so that once he got down the mountain he had the car ready to take him straight to the vet,” said Lexie’s cousin Tori Matyola.
By the time he reached the vehicle, the dog had much improved in appearance and was even lifting up his head.
After returning home, Lexie, a paediatric nurse from Hackettstown, New Jersey, shared the ranger’s good act on Facebook, where it was shared by 35,000 people who expressed their respect for her.

It’s a HERO, wrote Lexie. “We are really fortunate to have rangers that prioritise the needs of animals above their own. A standing ovation and extreme respect are due to this ranger for his strength, courage, and sacrifice.
In an addendum to her article, Lexie said that the ranger had spoken with the dog’s owner, who reported that the patient was doing well and had fully recovered.
As a result of this ranger and other law enforcement personnel, we feel a bit safer for our loved ones, even our dogs.


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