Meet Shire Foal ‘Sledmere Masterman’ and Witness the Heartwarming Bond with Proud Mom Julie! 🐴💕


Sledmere House Welcomes Adorable Shire Foal: Meet Sledmere Masterman!

Employees at a rare breed farm and rural home said that they “haven’t stopped smiling” since the birth of their first Shire foal.
In North Humberside, East Yorkshire, at Sledmere House, the colt was born on May 5 at 4:42 a.m. After Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, the third baronet of Sledmere House, he has been dubbed Sledmere Masterman.

Julie, a nine-year-old Shire mare, gave birth easily, according to Farm Park Manager Laura Clark, who spoke with H&H.
It was the second foal for Julie. Being a resident of the hamlet, I was available that night, showing up every hour. I knew it wouldn’t be long when I went to check on Julie at three in the morning’, said Laura.

“On the first day, we had to assist the foal in standing and drinking. We had to be patient with him and give him some extra time to get his balance since, even for a Shire, he is rather tall. We’ve asked for opinions on Facebook, but we haven’t settled on a fixed name yet. We’ll choose a name early the next week.

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“On Thursday, May 9, when the weather was nicer, we were able to get Julie and the foal outside to stretch their legs. Normally, they spend the night in the stable.”

18 hh, Laura said. Sir Tatton Sykes of Sledmere House owns Julie, who is “absolutely perfect” as a mother.
Laura stated, “She’s not stupid, but she is pretty protective.” She gets along well with Ellie Harrison and Charlotte Walker, my team. Ellie held the fort the next day so we could get some rest, and Charlotte was there during the delivery.

On the last day of February, Julie became a new resident of Sledmere House.
“She settled in remarkably well when we purchased her in foal from Mark Richardson; she is really amiable and great with people. We drove our other mares, Amy and Poppy, and it didn’t make sense to take them out of work to have a foal. Despite our long-standing desire for a foal, we operate a rare breed farm. We take Amy and Poppy on tours of the grounds and drive them about, but they are here for the public,” Laura explained.

They will ultimately go out together, but for now, Julie and the colt are apart from Amy and Poppy since we didn’t want to run the chance of Julie being booted when she arrived. We want to teach Julie to drive after the foal is weaned, with the hopes that the foal will remain at Sledmere and eventually join the driving crew.


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