Horse Sees Old Friend Again After Four Years Apart


The owner was astounded by her horse’s reaction upon meeting up with an old acquaintance. “I knew they would recognise each other, but this goes much deeper than I ever imagined,” she remarks. And it’s very remarkable.”
Can friends be made for life by animals? After reuniting three horses that had been pals as young foals, one lady made the decision to find out. To a paddock where the other two horses resided, she brought a horse she had given up four years before. She had no idea what would happen next.

Sue Blagburn grew up in Mustons Field, England, with three horses. The three horses—Arthur, Harry, and William—were childhood best friends. Regretfully, Sue had to part with Arther when she changed her focus to horse assisted learning and rehabilitation. For the following four years, Arther served as a sports horse for upscale private matches and functions, while his buddies explored England with Sue.

William and Harry shared their home with several other ponies as Sue’s business expanded. After moving many times, Sue eventually settled in Firle, East Sussex. She realised it was finally time to win Arthur back. Repurchasing him, she returned him to her field so he could rejoin William and Harry. Sue had a sneaking suspicion that the horses would recognise one another, but she had no idea how excited each would be to meet a buddy they had not seen in a long time.
The horses knew one other right away as soon as they spotted one another. Arthur was approaching Harry and William as they grazed in the grass, but as soon as they glanced up, they were overcome with happiness. The horses rubbed their heads together to express their love. It was a really touching occasion.

A few painful prods later, it was time for a jog. William, Harry, and Arthur started jogging around the field in lengthy laps.The reliable three had reunited after a few years apart. They were obviously happy to be back on the same pitch.
The way the horses responded pleased Sue beyond measure. She said, looking into the camera, “I knew that they would recognise each other, but this is so much more deep than I thought possible, and it’s so extraordinary.”
That the horses could maintain such a strong relationship after all these years astounded the owner. “William has a lot of bossiness,” she said. “No other horse could do what Arthur is doing,” the man said.

The horses ran about and rolled on the ground as a way to celebrate the union of their lives. Sue was thrilled to be with all three of them. Now, the horses are the main attraction of Adventures with Horses, an organisation that aims to build potential, self-awareness, and skills by “offering learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic opportunities horses can provide.”

To help people make the most of their life, Adventures with Horses works with both adults and young children. The organization’s ability to provide its services to underprivileged children is dependent upon volunteers and crowdsourcing.

Arthur’s tale demonstrates that an animal’s friendships are enduring. Witnessing animals show such deep affection for one another is encouraging.


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