Huge Great Dane is brought on board a cross-country flight by a passenger.


When standing on her back legs, she is a height five feet eight inches!
Imagine the shock on the faces of passengers when they learned that a Great Dane was traveling with them!

Darwin, a 140-pound dog, wanted not just one seat on a flight from California to New York; she needed two. Darwin was so big that it was hard to transfer him in the cargo area, contrary to what most people would anticipate.
When standing on her hind legs, Darwin, a Great Dane, is a tall dog at five feet eight inches.

She’s bigger than the largest animal cage that can be used for air travel, to put it into context. This presented a special problem for the airline and its owner, Gabriel Bogner.

Gabriel Bogner was in a pickle. How could he make sure that his cherished service dog was transported safely and comfortably? American Airlines thankfully came to the rescue. They gave Darwin special clearance to travel in the cabin with her owner because they understood that she was a service dog.

Darwin instantly gained notoriety as soon as she made her dramatic debut at the airport.
She attracted glances and gasps from spectators as she sprawled out on the airport floor. She exuded an undeniably regal presence and moved with an elegance that belied her size.
The surprises, however, didn’t stop there. Even the chance to greet the pilots in the cockpit was given to Darwin. The sight of this enormous dog waving to the flight crew is endearing and hilarious at the same time. Pilots don’t encounter such a fascinating passenger every day.

The reactions of the other passengers were a mixture of surprise and joy.

Everyone on board found the trip to be unforgettable.

Many passengers snapped pictures of Darwin as they couldn’t help themselves from recording the moment. She wasn’t just a travel companion; she was the highlight of the trip. Her presence made a routine trip into an extraordinary experience.


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