An army soldier says, “He deserves to come home,” as he attempts to save a needy puppy who got into an overseas post.


The US nonprofit Paws of War is assisting an Army soldier in rescuing an innocent dog from harm and placing it in a safe place.

A soldier in the Army is making every effort to save his closest friend and get him out of a combat zone.
The surprise of a lifetime was recently brought to U.S. Army Specialist Howe, an overseas deployed member, when he noticed a little dog.
The puppy had figured out how to enter the facility covertly.
The little puppy bolted through a fence and clung to the soldier right away, Howe told Paws of War, a New York-based group dedicated to animal rescue.
It seems that the terrified dog was trying to find safety indoors due to the “cruel” and “dangerous” circumstances outdoors.

He seemed to know me, the soldier said.
Giving the dog a name of Doc, Howe fed and watered him since he was “very dehydrated and desperately hungry.”
Doc won’t go from the soldier’s side anymore.
His presence has provided the whole camp with a “much-needed morale boost,” according to a statement Paws of War sent to Fox News Digital.
According to the organisation, “He walks around his newfound family members, wagging his tail and giving kisses in exchange for a few belly rubs.”
The other troops tease Howe by referring to Doc as his “shadow” since the dog is “always behind” him.
He said, “He’s right there wherever I go.”
“I adore having him around.”

Howe said that having Doc around helped him and the other troops “sleep better at night.”
Shipping the puppy home to Kentucky was part of the “everything [he] could not to leave him behind” that the soldier had promised his pet.
Eventually, someone asked Paws of War to assist the troops in finishing the task, and the organisation complied.

“At last, I can honour my commitment to Doc,” the soldier said.
Telling Paws of War that he accepted an oath to “help and protect” as a proud infantryman, Howe said that rescuing Doc is a “indescribable relief.”
He said, “He has done so much for us here.”
“And where he’ll be safe, at home with me,” is what he deserves.
As he waits for a plane to return to the United States, Doc is being housed in foster care. The breed of the dog is now unknown to officials; once it lands on American territory, they want to do DNA testing.
According to its website, the New York-based Paws of War, led by co-founder Robert Misseri, has since 2014 delivered over 300 dogs and cats to safety in the United States after they were all saved by American soldiers abroad.

Misseri said to Fox News Digital, “Doc may be just one dog overseas, but it’s one dog’s life that we can change and prevent his soldier from feeling the guilt of having to leave him behind.”
The co-founder gave an explanation, saying he has heard many tragic accounts from military personnel who were forced to leave their dogs behind and how it “forever weighs so heavy on their heart.”
He said, “We have the chance to change that right now.” “It’s right that they are together.”
Misseri and the Paws of War crew have conducted over 22 overseas missions in the previous several months alone.

This involves the coming together of two Navy sailors and their rescue dogs, which were kept alive in the Middle East while they were on the verge of death.
Veteran Coreen Johnson said in a Fox News Digital interview, “I could not live without them, so I didn’t know what to do because we had to leave.”
The owners, a married pair who moved to Japan last month, were able to get their puppies, Ruby and Sunny, safely.
She said, “We don’t need our stuff.”
“We simply appreciate having them here.”


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