A homeless dog that gave comfort to soldiers is being brought to America to live with a soldier


Now, a homeless dog who comforted American troops in combat abroad will get the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life in America with one of those warriors. After they discovered the three-year-old mixed breed searching for food near their base in Kosovo last year, Sergeant K. and his Army unit adopted him as a member of the family.

His frequent visits and wagging tail quickly turned into their favourite part of the day, providing solace to those who were far from home.
Duke was a dog who Sgt. Kelsey became close to and wanted to take out of harm’s way for a better life.

Duke and the sergeant might be together again since the employees of the nonprofit organisation Paws of War, located in New York, committed to assist.

But misfortune befell Duke before he could locate his ideal home in the United States. He ceased to appear at the base.
After many days of fruitless searching, the soldiers began to dread the worst. When they eventually located him, they saw that he was very dehydrated, had been shot, and was bleeding profusely.

To save Duke’s life, Paws of War sent an emergency veterinary team.
The Alamal Foundation, the nonprofit’s partner in international rescue, looked after Duke in foster care as he recovered. After six months of rehabilitation, the puppy’s muscular power was gradually restored to the point where he could walk once again.

Sgt Kelsey just received a letter from Paws of War’s logistics coordinator, Dereck Cartright, a veteran.
“We are happy to inform you that Duke has fully recovered after months of healing and rehabilitation. For the next leg of his adventure, he is prepared.

It is anticipated that Sgt. Kelsey and the fortunate dog will reconnect this month.
Duke’s return is a source of great excitement for the whole Army unit, according to Sgt. Kelsey. It’s the time we’ve been praying for.

Attendees of the goodbye celebration thrown by The Alamal Foundation staff included everyone who helped with Duke’s recuperation.


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