Dave Bautista adopts a pit bull puppy that has been mistreated and was discovered eating rubbish in a cemetery.


A 3-month-old pit bull puppy with a rough background will have everything after being adopted by actor Dave Bautista.
Upon discovering Sage’s predicament, the former wrestler—who harbours a deep affection for pit bulls—instantly contacted the shelter to provide an offer of support.
When a good-hearted passerby saw Sage eating rubbish in a neighbouring cemetery, they took her to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB).

The lady noticed that the adorable dog had a metal chain around her neck as it came closer. She took the dog to the “HSTB” right away since she needed help.
Wagging her tail the whole time, Sage was examined by the medical personnel before being made ready for surgery to have the chain around her neck removed.
David Bautista was among several who expressed interest in adopting the cute youngster if she lived or had volunteered to care for her.

David, infuriated that someone could mistreat the helpless dog, promised to personally provide ($5,000) in cash to anybody supplied information leading to an arrest and conviction. Together with the ($1,500) from “HSTB” and the ($5,000) from Alvarez injury Law, he will also get a prize for apprehending the cruel person.
Although David came off as tough on the outside, he became emotional when he spotted the puppy racing in his direction. As the Sage drew nearer, he chuckled and smiled broadly.
He gave the dog a head rub, and they became closer right away. Sage is ecstatic as she is in her new father’s arms.

Dave was certain that he and Sage belonged together based on Sage’s story. We’re very happy for Sage!
The two pit bulls that Dave has rescued, along with the small puppy who goes by Penny, will be joining them.

We appreciate you supporting this unique puppy!


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