An expectant cow hurt in what seems to be a dog assault is pulled from the River Ouse


Following what seems to have been a dog assault, a pregnant cow that was hurt was saved from a river.
Early on Tuesday morning, a bystander in Taylor’s Ride, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, heard the cow in distress and came across her.
When they discovered her, she had wounds across her neck and down her left shoulder.

The RSPCA said that the river was quite muddy and slippery, and the water covered half of her body, making it seem as if she was unable to move.
After arriving at the site for many hours, the seven guys from the charity and Bedfordshire firemen managed to extract her from the river.

“We knew we needed to be extra careful because the cow was not only injured but also pregnant,” said RSPCA inspector Lauren Bailey.I collaborated with the fire department, who promptly sent an animal rescue specialty team.”Even yet, the cow’s rescue from the river proved to be a challenging task, requiring many hours to complete. We had to gently pull her out by placing rope beneath her.Seven guys and I had to help her to safety since she was a hefty female.
A veterinarian was contacted to examine the cow after notifying the farmer.

“Her injuries were indicative of a dog attack,” Ms. Bailey said. “We believe it is very likely that she was attacked by a dog, even though we do not have witnesses to the incident.” There is a public pathway along the river.
Noting that “even the most docile and obedient dogs can get distracted and excited by other animals,” she urged dog walkers to keep their pets on leashes.
She also mentioned the risk of horses and animals trampling on dogs.
She also told farmers to post signs alerting dog walkers to the presence of cattle in the vicinity and to have sturdy fencing.



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