A new caution to avoid handling seals has been issued after a pup on a Norfolk beach dies of shock.


After one abandoned seal baby died of shock after being picked up, wildlife specialists have cautioned the public not to handle abandoned seal pups.
The youngster was seen by itself on the Norfolk shore close to Great Yarmouth, according to the Friends of Horsey Seals.

Despite being instructed not to touch the animal, the individual who set off the alarm on Friday nevertheless chose to retrieve it.
According to Marine and Wildlife Rescue, “We told the caller to leave the seal pup alone so that it could be examined in the morning, but the youngster was scooped up and wrapped in a coat. As a consequence, this puppy endured needless anguish.”
According to the Friends of Horsey Seals, it is crucial that people keep their distance from the creatures.

They pleaded with them not to pick up seals from the shore, no matter how tempting they were.Because harbour seals are so delicate, they may quickly enter a condition of shock, as this one did before passing away.
One shocked animal lover said, “Human stupidity at its finest – poor baby, watch from a distance you don’t need to get close to a wild animal just let it be!” in a comment on the Horsey Seals Facebook page.
Seals breed well in Norfolk, and hundreds of pups are born on the east coast every year.
To watch out for any troublesome seals and to take care of the seals, four hundred volunteer wardens man the beaches.


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