Kitten’s video and photos become viral because of his unique personality and dual face.


Yes, cats can be really cute. One from the second batch is the one seen in the pictures below. He goes by Cat, and he has a striking two-tone face along with a charming manner. Many millions of people follow Cat on the internet as a result of his recent viral images and videos.

Why are those specific colours used? He’s not a Two-Face in the cat Batman reality, am I right? In no way. Those two tones are due to a rare natural phenomena called genetic chimerism, in which the organism reacts more strongly to a single distinct genotype. He just seems at ease; he is not in discomfort. With the cat’s peculiar appearance becoming viral on the internet, all feline enthusiasts have been enthralled. His owner Eve answered a few questions when she posted images and footage of him online. Given that he was born in 2018, he is about four years old. He is a unique crossbreed of Persian and Scottish fold cats, as seen by his striking white and grey face.

Eve has pointed out that he looks like Two Face. But he’s a lovely cat, not evil in the slightest. He is a lively and cunning feline who rips up paper rolls everywhere he goes in Eve’s home.

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