Pet Behavior Expert Identifies Cute Reason Dogs Wander With Toys


The sweet explanation for why a dog owner believes their pet enjoys picking up her toys and dragging them around the house has been made public.
Leading authority on pet behaviour, however, surmises that their dog friend’s mental state may be more intricate than they first believed.
In terms of toys, dogs and kids are pretty much the same. Both will often want for and chase new and fascinating toys, even when they have a plethora of odd and amazing ones.
A set of three toys were shown to a group of 17 dogs in a 2020 research that was published in Animal Cognition. They recognised two of the toys, but one was brand-new and unique.

Researchers discovered that dogs preferred the novel toy to the other well-known ones in 38 out of 50 trials. In some respects, however, dogs and children might differ when it comes to toys, as shown by Charli the whippet labrador, or “whipador.”
Her owner, using by the name Charli_Puppydog, uploaded a video to TikTok in which the happy dog is seen strutting about the house with one of his toys, flaunting it to her and their visitors. Thanks to her owner’s frequent video updates of her activities on TikTok, the whipador has become something of an internet star. Fans have already seen this video over 500,000 times and haven’t wasted any time commenting on Charli’s antics.Many could relate to the behaviour quite well. One dog owner said, “Mine does this with every sock she finds,” while another said, “My oldest dog does this.”

What does it signify, however, really? Newsweek asked Susan Nilson, a certified specialist in dog and cat behaviour and training, for assistance in finding out.

stating to Newsweek Carrying the plush toy “gently” and strolling “calmly” gave the impression that Charli was generally content. “Her tail is swinging loosely at a medium height, suggesting that she is feeling at ease and content,” Nilson said. This seems to be in the middle of the two extremes, as a high tail carriage often denotes a strong emotional arousal and a low or tucked tail typically implies dread or worry. Charli’s ears were back, however, which she noted “may be because she is carrying the toy, but could also indicate some slight discomfort or anxiety.”

Despite the fact that Charli is now content and established in a permanent residence, her anxiousness may have sprung from her difficult upbringing. Her owner recounted, “We got her as a puppy but had to rush her to the emergency vets the second night we had her because she had parvo.” “She was given a 50/50 chance of survival by the vets, but she persevered and is now the large, powerful dog you see in our videos!”

Charli seems to be a very happy puppy, Nilson is careful to emphasise, despite that little possible clue of a tragedy previously experienced. “Her entire demeanour is fairly low-key and mellow, and her body posture is quite relaxed.”

Nilson went on to say that there could be simpler explanations for her preference for carrying her toys in that manner. “It could be a factor here because some dogs, especially those bred for hunting or retrieving, have a strong instinct to carry objects in their mouths,” the expert added. “Much like a child holding a security blanket or stuffed animal, it’s also very common for dogs to carry toys in their mouths as a form of comfort or security.”

Charli is far more interested in carrying her toys about than she is in playing dress-up, whatever the reason for her parade. Her owner said, “She loves nothing more than tossing a frisbee around the yard.” She also enjoys meeting new people, eating, getting zoomies, and flaunting her toys. She rushes over to say hello, her bottom wriggling uncontrollably from excitement.”

An onscreen caption says, “When your dog’s toxic trait is thinking she’s always the main character.” Charli’s actions aren’t all that different from what a small toddler may do when their parents host visitors: make an effort to steal the show by flaunting a favourite item.

Charli’s owner has a really adorable opinion about why she enjoys parading about in this manner. They stated, “She just loves to showcase all of her toys because she’s so proud of them.” “She’s probably half expecting us to chase after her, because she loves a good chase as well!”

for more reels and photos of charlie – check the link below 🙂


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