Vet sings an Elvis song to a worried dog, and the internet melts with joy.


Sometimes, a pill or a bottle of medicine isn’t the best treatment.

Simple, sincere actions may really make a difference, as shown in the following anecdote.
Meet Fox Hollow Animal Hospital’s caring veterinarian, Dr Ross Henderson.
Along with tending to his furry patients, he also comforts them in a special manner that doesn’t include drugs.

It involves music.

Ruby, a young golden retriever, was due for surgery one day. She was clearly anxious about what was happening since she was restless, pacing about her kennel, and crying. Still, Dr. Henderson had a strategy. “She was running around and jumping up on the kennel, whimpering.” I chose to sing to her since I was playing my guitar there.
He choose that song? The romantic anthem “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley.


And then, as if by magic, Ruby’s fear subsided.

She became more at ease and placed her head on my lap. It serves as a fantastic example of the power of music.
This was not an isolated incident.

In order to calm their animal patients, Dr. Henderson and his staff have always employed music. It’s a custom that adds a sense of familiarity to the hospital setting while putting the animals at rest.
At the workplace, Dr. Henderson proudly displays his guitar.
Many animals find going to the vet to be an unfamiliar and perhaps frightening experience
Since many animals have never visited a veterinary clinic, everything we can do to show them some affection is beneficial, particularly in light of how much love they show to humans.
There are exceptions, however, as there are in everything. Greg, the clinic’s resident cat, is uninterested in the musical performances. The majority of animals, nevertheless, react well.
And Dr. Henderson would consider it a success if this tale motivates even one person to sing to their pet.


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