Man confronts woman at ATM, fails to realise that dog is a police officer


Sandra, a woman living in a poor part of town, is in a dangerous situation when she encounters a dark figure who appears to be a cop. She has adopted her loyal companion, Bear, an old ex-cop dog from the police force, who loves his retirement with his new owner. However, she is about to draw money out of an ATM due to rent due that night.

As she walks around the corner, she notices a group of rowdy and intoxicated men on a doorstep. They are all unabashedly armed and are calling out disgusting things to keep everyone awake. Sandra decides to quicken her pace and leave the rowdy men behind.

After walking for two blocks, Sandra notices something sinister in the corner of her eye, which turns out to be a man. She utters “protect” to protect Bear, which changes his demeanor into that of an attack dog. Bear squares up against the tall menacing man and bores his impressive canines. The man jumped back in surprise, now the light cast against his face.

Another man, a weathered biker, appears and looks between Sandra and the intimidating police dog. He takes a few more steps back and raises his hands in submission. Sandra is distracted by him and apologizes, but he doesn’t mean to startle her. He agrees and apologizes, stating that he was only there for the same ATM. He also offers to walk her home if she ever needs help.

Sandra politely declines his offer to walk her home, but something inside her tells her to keep the card and his other offer to call if she ever needed help. As she makes the nerve-wracking walk back to her crummy apartment, she looks down at Bear.

The best friend is the smart dog, who is back on calm alert and would do anything to keep her safe. She gives him a scratch behind the ears and one of his favorite treats from her pocket, and he gives her a loving lick in return. She is lucky beyond words to have him.

In summary, Sandra is in a dangerous situation when she encounters a dark figure who seems to be a cop. She is unsure of what to do next and is unsure of whether her dog, Bear, will be able to protect her.