Rescue Dog Comforts Orphaned Foal


Heartwarming Story: Rescue Dog Comforts Orphaned Foal

A Tale of Unlikely Friendship and Compassion

In the heart of Fayette, AL, at S & K Quarter Horses, owner Karla Swindle’s love for animals runs deep. It’s a love that extends beyond mere ownership; it’s a commitment to ensuring each member of her animal family lives their best life. But even with the utmost care, tragedy can strike unexpectedly, as it did just days after the birth of a precious foal.

The Tragic Loss

The foal’s mother, the beacon of maternal love and care, passed away, leaving behind an orphaned foal. Karla Swindle, faced with the daunting task of raising the motherless foal, knew she couldn’t do it alone. Little did she know, her rescue dog, Zip, would step up in an extraordinary way, offering the orphaned foal the love and comfort he desperately needed.

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A Dog’s Devotion

When the foal entered the world, everything seemed normal. Swindle witnessed the joyous occasion, marvelling at the tiny hooves taking their first steps. However, just a week later, tragedy struck. The foal’s mother fell ill, and despite efforts to save her, her condition worsened rapidly, leaving Swindle with no choice but to make the agonizing decision to euthanize her.

Zip’s Unwavering Support

On the eve of the heartbreaking decision, Swindle observed something remarkable. Zip, her ever-loyal rescue dog, displayed a level of compassion and empathy beyond comprehension. Though always excited by the arrival of new foals, Zip’s reaction to this particular foal was different. Sensing the foal’s distress and loneliness, Zip took it upon himself to provide comfort and companionship.

An Unbreakable Bond

As the foal grappled with the absence of his mother, Zip stepped in as a surrogate caregiver. With gentle licks and comforting nudges, Zip reassured the foal that he was not alone. Swindle, amazed by Zip’s instinctual understanding of the foal’s needs, remarked, “I think he’s adopted it as his baby. He’s letting him know, ‘You’re not alone.'”

The Journey to Recovery

Raising an orphaned foal is no small feat, requiring round-the-clock care and attention. Swindle, grateful for Zip’s unwavering support, found solace in knowing that the foal would never feel abandoned. Nursed with milk replacement and guided through the challenges of self-feeding, the foal thrived under Zip’s watchful eye.

Lifelong Companions

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Zip’s bond with the foal only strengthened. Refusing to relinquish his role as caretaker and protector, Zip remained by the foal’s side, offering companionship and reassurance. Swindle, touched by their unbreakable bond, envisions a future where Zip and the foal remain steadfast friends for life.


In a world often marred by tragedy, the story of Zip and the orphaned foal serves as a beacon of hope and compassion. Through the selfless actions of one rescue dog, a bond was forged that transcended species boundaries, proving that love knows no bounds. As the foal continues to grow and thrive under Zip’s watchful eye, their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of friendship and empathy.