Rescuers believe they have saved a dog, but they are shocked when they remove the dog’s headband.


A ‘dog’ was located in a flooded field full of debris with a bucket stuck on his head. When rescuers looked closer, they realised they were dealing with a wild animal. The rescuers are startled when they pull the bucket off his head.

What seemed to be a troubled puppy was found by a good samaritan. The cat was drifting on the rubble of a flooded river in California, with a plastic pail clinging to his head.

When the San Diego Humane Society tried to rescue the unfortunate puppy, they were unable to get through to him. The dog could only be accessed by boat. Luckily, lifeguards were there to assist them.

The lifeguards had suspicions that something wasn’t quite right when they scooped up the animal and took him back to the beach. It wasn’t a dog at all, even if at first they didn’t realise it.

The “dog” turned out to be a coyote! The San Diego Humane Society sent him to a wildlife rehabilitation facility that specialises in predators after realising they were dealing with a wild animal. The poor little fellow was covered with cactus spikes and suffering from moderate cold.

Fortunately, the coyote’s devoted rescuers have put him on the path to recovery.