The staff recognises what is going on when the dog is brought back to the shelter eleven times.


Benji, a mixed-breed dog, was returned to the shelter for eleven times due to his mixed breed. The shelter staff, Stacy and Benji, were disappointed and inquisitive about the situation. Benji’s adoptive family kept returning him to his birth family, which was not a good cause. The shelter staff were unprepared to confront reality and the problem of Benji’s situation.

Benji faced a cycle of suffering and re-adoption at the animal shelter. Stacy, a veterinary medicine doctor, fell in love with Benji and was determined to provide him with a kind home. After all paperwork was completed, Benji was allowed to bring home with her parents. However, Benji became emotionally distant and guarded due to his experiences at the shelter.

Upon arrival at their home, the family was excited to welcome Benji and Stacy, but Benji behaved strangely. The family spent the rest of the day ensuring Benji had the best time possible, giving him respect.

Benji disappeared, leaving the family in emotional distress and uncertainty. The story highlights the importance of trust, communication, and the potential for unexpected reconnection between a dog and its owner.

Benji’s aggression towards cats was found by a man who had not seen any of the posters. Stacy returned Benji to the shelter, where previous owners had shared stories of resilience and transformation. They realized that Benji’s aggressive behavior was a recurring issue that had haunted him through failed adoptions.

Benji spent a few weeks at the shelter, working on increasing his trust in cats. The shelter was adamant in their efforts, even though Benji initially did not want to cooperate. After a difficult process, Benji’s aggression towards cats was coached out, and he was given back into the care of Stacy and her family.