Meet Niall Harbison, an Irishman who became involved in the rescue and protection of stray dogs in Thailand as a result of a near-death experience.


A dog hero with a base in Thailand is Niall Harbison. Inspired by his own near-death experience, he spends his days saving street canines that he finds.
Before he made the decision to sell it and relocate to Thailand, Niall, a native of Dublin, Ireland, operated an advertising business. Unfortunately, his battles with addictions almost completely took over his life. The man’s experience in the hospital’s ICU served as a wake-up call. In one of his interviews, Niall admitted, “I almost drank myself to death because I was depressed and anxious. The man decided to make a change in his life after this event and set out on a quest to rescue and care for stray dogs in Thailand.
Niall had a prosperous advertising business in Ireland before deciding to devote his life to assisting dogs.

Unfortunately, he had to deal with intense melancholy and battle addictions that almost completely overtook him.
One day, Niall’s heavy drinking brought him to the hospital as a result of melancholy and anxiety.
The man decided to live a meaningful life after that encounter, therefore he made that decision.
“All I wanted was a bigger house and a new car, but when I was about to pass away, I understood that neither of those things actually mattered. Therefore, I declared, “If I survive this, all I want to do is save dogs,” Niall remarked in one of his interviews.
He then set out on a journey to Thailand to rescue and care for stray dogs.
“The number of stray dogs worldwide is 500 million. I want to reduce this number by half over the next 20 years,” Niall stated in an interview.
He feeds about 800 dogs daily.

Additionally, he sees to it that the gorgeous animals receive all necessary medical treatment, surgical procedures, and other veterinary care. “I fund the initiative myself ($2000-3000 each month), as well as through donations I have raised. Feeding them is only a minor fraction of the expense, costing roughly $30 per day, but the vet, medication, and sterilisation fees mount up rapidly. The whole cost of sterilising one dog is about $50.
“I strongly believe that people should be given second chances, and these animals deserve it.”

“The majority of people believe I save dogs, but in reality, they saved me.”


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