A startling event American Bulldog repeatedly bites police horse in Victoria Park


A dog owner whose American Bully attacked two police horses in a park said that the police have now taken away his “friendly” dog.

During the five-minute attack, Hakan Niyazi’s dog bit the animals’ legs and bodies while two cops yelled for her to be put on a leash.

Even back then, police asked onlookers to “be brave” and step in because the animal’s owner, Hakan, was said to be standing by and watching.

Today, he tried to protect his “friendly” dog and put the blame on the horses for the attack, which happened at Victoria Park in Hackney, East London, just after noon.

Hakan, who is in his mid-20s and goes to college twice a week, told The Sun, “It may look like I wasn’t doing much, but I was trying my best. I went after her.

“The horse made her feel scared. She felt in danger.

“I was afraid the horse would kick me. I’ll die if it kicks me. If I died from it, people would feel bad for me.”


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