The Farewell Tale from Fort Collins: Top Five Unforgettable Budweiser Clydesdale Advertisements


Fort Collins Bids Adieu: The Top 5 Timeless Budweiser Clydesdale Commercials

In the midst of Fort Collins, a story as emblematic as the majestic Rocky Mountains is reaching a poignant end, the revered Budweiser Clydesdales, symbols of both strength and tradition, are saying their farewell to this enchanting Colorado locale. As they gear up for a new chapter, let’s reminisce with a nostalgic exploration of five of their most memorable commercials, each having resonated with hearts and ignited a sense of unity throughout the nation.

  1. “Reunion” (2013): In this touching advertisement, a youthful Clydesdale horse is reunited with the caretaker who raised him. The profound emotional connection between the two is artfully depicted, serving as a poignant reminder of the lasting relationships forged by these magnificent creatures.
  2. “Puppy Love” (2014): Instantly achieving classic status, this commercial showcases an endearing Labrador puppy alongside a Clydesdale, weaving a heartwarming tale of companionship and embracing diversity. It underscores the timeless concept of unity prevailing despite differences.
  3. “Brotherhood” (2013): Against the enchanting backdrop of a Stevie Nicks song, this advertisement highlights the exceptional connection between a young Clydesdale and its handler. Capturing the journey from the horse’s birth to maturity, the commercial symbolizes themes of growth, loyalty, and the enduring essence of Budweiser.
  4. “A Hero’s Welcome” (2014): In this emotionally charged tribute, a Clydesdale makes a poignant return to a small town, prompting the entire community to unite in honoring the horse as a hero. This tear-jerking advertisement beautifully encapsulates the themes of gratitude and the profound significance of coming home, solidifying its place as a memorable contribution to Budweiser’s legacy.
  5. “Lost Dog” (2015): Showcasing the endearing puppy from “Puppy Love,” this advertisement takes viewers on an emotional journey as the puppy goes missing, only to be joyfully reunited with its Clydesdale companions. The commercial artfully emphasizes the enduring values of loyalty, friendship, and the unwavering support of loved ones, creating a poignant narrative that resonates with audiences.



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