The Helmet Princess: A Story of Love and Bravery from Milly (VIDEO)


Milly has gained an exclusive position in our community and swiftly won hearts.
Her decision to wear a helmet, however, is more than just a style choice.Her birth condition was hydrocephalus, which is characterised by an accumulation of fluid in the brain and results in shaking and impaired coordination.
She also suffered a malformation in her spine and a large brain cyst. Her right front leg was missing a bone, which exacerbated the situation.

Despite these difficulties, Caroline, a loving carer from the Baby Kitten Rescue, is inspired by Milly’s tenacious spirit to give Milly her best in the hopes of providing her with a brighter future.
Caroline had previously shown her commitment to Milly’s well-being by providing a loving home for Otter, a cute cat who also needed a helmet for protection.
It was Otter’s advanced brain surgery that enabled Milly’s adventure to be feasible.
This informed Caroline that her most recent accusation would proceed in a similar manner.
After conducting thorough assessments, veterinarians concluded that brain surgery would be Milly’s only option for long-term recuperation.
Placing a shunt would facilitate the removal of excess fluid from her brain, lowering pressure and putting an end to her tremors.

Milly, meantime, was wearing her specially designed helmet with pride, which allowed her to playfully misbehave without risking damage to her fragile skull.
Caroline says that Milly, the princess with the helmet, has a lot of life and enthusiasm.
She loves playing with her toys, especially the bright green alligator.
However, Milly’s kind and loving demeanour easily captures the hearts of everyone she meets, bringing pleasure and happiness with her everywhere she goes. This is in addition to her lively personality.
Milly amazed everyone with her fortitude and constant optimistic attitude, and the procedure went well.
Caroline happily posted on social media about Milly greeting people outside her kennel door with a loving head bump.
Upon her discharge from the hospital, Milly’s remarkable recovery did not seem to be slowing down.

“Milly has been eating, playing, and purring as if nothing had ever happened,” Caroline recalled with excitement.
Even though Milly could need a few more little medical procedures, her development has been astounding thus far.
At last, she can playfully engage in playing with her cherished green plush friend while proudly hanging her helmet on the wall.


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