Waffles and Hemingway, two unlikely friends, adopted each other together.


After the first time that a little horse called Waffles and a goose named Hemingway appeared on the internet, it didn’t take long for people all over the globe to fall in love with them. The cute pair was rescued from a farm in Pennsylvania by the Bucks County SPCA when it was discovered that they were living in awful circumstances. When they were brought in, they were accompanied by a number of other animals from the barn; nevertheless, the rescuers instantly recognised that Waffles and Hemingway were unique. They were able to form an unexpected connection, and it became immediately apparent that they needed to be adopted together.

The superintendent of the shelter, Rachel Freeman, attributes their deep affinity to the experiences that they have had in common. The miniature horse and the geese lived together in the same stall, and despite suffering from insufficient shelter and a lack of water, they managed to survive. As Freeman put it to Fox29.

“They have been through everything together. They have been through everything together. Consequently, it would have been rather damaging for us to bring them in here and separate them.

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When they were in the shelter, Waffles and Hemingway worked together often. Waffles was visited by a veterinarian, and Hemingway was there to show his support for his closest friend. The personnel at the shelter came to the conclusion that they should always be kept together since they did not want to be separated. The other animals were ready to be adopted, but the shelter was aware that the two creatures that seemed to be the most unlikely of companions would need a unique home. They were looking for someone who could not only take care of two animals that lived in the barn, but also someone who would guarantee that they would always be kept together.

During the course of their hunt for the ideal family, Waffles and Hemingway attracted the attention of everyone. A number of news organisations from all across the nation fell in love with the shelter when they shared their tale on social media. The unusual buddies were featured on the programme “Good Morning America” on ABC, and shortly after, everyone was talking about the little horse and geese that couldn’t be parted from one another.

Waffles and Hemingway began to get a large number of adoption applications as a direct result of their widespread and widespread recognition. The ability of these individuals to transcend their differences and develop such a profound relationship served as a source of inspiration for many others. Following a thorough review of more than 150 applications, the Bucks County SPCA was eventually successful in finding the ideal new home for its well-known pets. They were given the go-ahead to be adopted by a veterinarian, and on Wednesday, the companions from the barnyard departed with their new family. On Facebook, the shelter issued a message that said,

“Waffles and Hemingway have moved out of our barn and begun their new life together! Despite the fact that we will miss them, we are overjoyed for this particular couple. We wish each and every one of them a lot of bright days and lush pastures!

Both Waffles and Hemingway are embarking on their new lives, and these two unlikely pals have a lot of things to look forward to in their new lives.