Adopting a horse brought father and son back together.


Amie S. is a fervent advocate for adoption, as seen by the several adopted animals that she and her kids cherish on their Michigan farm. They had never adopted a horse, however, only because they were unaware that it was an option. That is, until The Right Horse Initiative’s Industry Partner Julie Goodnight sent an email that completely turned things around.

Julie was emailing her subscribers on the development of a horse she was fostering and training from the ASPCA Regional Support Centre in Oklahoma City. She linked to our adoptable horse listing website,, and discussed the ASPCA’s equine adoption programme, The Right Horse Initiative, in the email. Amie was pleasantly delighted to learn that one of the Adoption Partners for the programme lived nearby.

Acquiring the Proper Horse

Amie and her family visited Horses’ Haven’s facility shortly after getting the email, where they met a number of available horses. Dante was an unsocialized horse until the family fell in love with him almost instantly. Dante had only been in their care for a few months, but they were immediately enamoured with his sweet and compassionate nature. For the first time, Amie adopted a horse after being persuaded by his placid and dependable demeanour that he was the one.

Dante had only had a few months of instruction, so his family reached out to a nearby trainer to help him advance. His extraordinary demeanour was often complimented by the trainer, and Amie hoped that one day they might be able to welcome another horse of the same calibre into their family.

Amie and Dante’s meeting was made possible by a new and developing partnership amongst a number of the ASPCA’s Right Horse Partners. Transporting dogs and cats from shelter to shelter in locations where they would have a higher chance of finding an adoption is standard procedure, but for horses, this is still a relatively new practise that is already saving lives.

Dante used exactly such a conveyance to reach Michigan. The Kentucky Humane Society, which assists a community with a large number of horses in need of assistance, had first taken care of him. Dante and a few of his herdmates were able to find loving homes more quickly and more horses were helped by both organisations when they were moved to Horses’ Haven. Everyone who was involved benefited, but most of all Amie, who is now unable to fathom her life without her cherished Dante.

She continued to worry, however, whether the family that had Dante will ever be able to locate another horse. She was also surprised by the collaboration between Horses’ Haven and the Kentucky Humane Society. A call was sent to her asking if she would be interested in adopting Lance, Dante’s son, who had been a member of his wild herd. In order to pick up a few more horses, Horses’ Haven was travelling to Kentucky; they may bring Lance back for Amie.

Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, Amie nodded swiftly. When Lance got to her property shortly after, they excitedly reintroduced the father and son.

“They recognised each other right away and have been best friends ever since,” Amie recalls. “They are together again and in their forever home, never to be parted again.” Amie is appreciative of both organisations for helping to bring Lance and Dante home and recognises the strength of their partnership. We are very grateful that you brought us the horses of our dreams.


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