An orphan kitten sneaks into a nest of baby kittens and demands to be adopted by them.


Bella, an Indonesian foster mother and animal rescuer, found a motherless kitten that was in critical need of help. The kitten was very filthy, starving, and reduced to just skin and bones. Bella told Love Meow, “I found him on the street, covered in filth and grease when he was about 1.5 months old.”

Bella fed the kitten and put him in a box as she didn’t have a carrier. The small kid, who was famished, devoured everything that fit in his stomach. The foster kitten, Daniboi, was thoroughly cleaned up and inspected before he was placed in his new home, where he promptly fell asleep.

The kitten socialised with the other rescues in the home once his health cleared up. Little Dani had an idea, but Bella assumed he would hang out with two other kittens his own age. A few weeks before the kitten arrived, Bella adopted a pregnant cat that had been discovered outdoors on its own. Later, in the warmth of a nest protected from the weather, she gave birth to a litter of four.

Dani watched the mother cat cooing over her young and heard little squeaks coming from the big box the family lived in. A light bulb went out in his mind because he was curious. That evening, he devised a scheme. When Bella awoke the next morning, she saw tiny Dani curled up in a cute purr pile with the newborn kittens. The large cat was curled up on his back with his new, little pals.

“I was taken aback somewhat. Bella told Love Meow, “He was always very cute, but I never thought he would be that precious.” Dani continued going back to the nest to cuddle with the infants even though he had other cats his own age to play and play with, acting if he had been a member of the litter all along.

The tiny addition was accepted into the family by Mama Cat Yu-na, who showered him with affection and cuddles. He kept taking naps under the cover of those little kittens, and he even joined them in nursing on the mother. Thankfully, Bella told Love Meow that the mother cat loved him, groomed him, and took care of him.

The bigger of the two kittens insisted on spending the night in the nest with the younger ones. He returned to snooze with them every time, even though there were many cat beds around the home. In order to keep the four members of the litter company, Dani would remain put whenever Mama Yu-na needed a moment to rest or refuel.

The kittens’ first steps outside the nest and opening of eyes occurred while he was there. The kittens attempted to play and wrestle with their elder sibling as they got larger. With brothers to adore and a mother to cling to, little Dani was overjoyed. Even at three months old, he was still providing comfort and nursing to his surrogate mother, enjoying being a large baby.

He was a purring machine and really cute. He received unwavering attention from his mother cat until he reached the appropriate size for adoption. Since the day he was discovered on the street, the orphan kitten has gone a long way. He was welcomed into a lovely family of five and was insatiably longing for a mother’s love. The kitten, who was now going by Rocky, was taken in by a lovely family when he was ready to go off.

Bella said, “He has a feline sister to play with at his forever home and loves watching TV with his humans.” The once-stray kitten has developed into a joyful, energetic, cuddle-bug. He doesn’t bother about anything and enjoys being inside. source


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