A cat’s infatuation with bananas leads to some really dubious images.


Because “it always looks inappropriate and it kills me,” Bean the cat’s owner shares pictures of him eating his favourite food with his devoted fan base. Bean loves bananas.

Because to his insatiable fascination with bananas, a cat by the name of Bean has become well-known online.

Bean was only allowed to have the fruit as a snack a few times a month, but since he first tasted it as a kitten, he has developed a strong passion for it.

The fact that his face makes no secret of his somewhat forbidden devotion, though, is what people like more than his love for bananas.

After Bean’s owner gave him a banana, she started snapping pictures of her cat, and now he has a devoted following on Facebook and Instagram.

Bean’s owner posted a montage of pictures showing him lounging in banana-themed pyjamas and eating a banana, along with the caption, “Guys… my cat.” He is amazing. His universe is mine.”He is completely fixated with bananas. It kills me that it always seems inappropriate.”Oh, dear, naive Bean. I’m grateful for the giggles. “Beanana,” my adorable banana son.”

Fans have left 43,000 comments and 48,000 shares on the article, with some even reporting that the picture session was lethal.
Another said, “I’m dead.” My dearest Bean, I. The greatest is you. This series is something I would definitely frame and place on my wall. I adore the onesie, PS.”
Nother wrote: “This is the best present I could have ever wanted for my birthday.”

“When he was about 9 months old, or so, he just kind of wanted a sniff of a banana and ended up really liking them,” Bean’s owner said to Bored Panda. He receives one very infrequently—possibly perhaps once a month or fewer.

His veterinarian is aware of it since we’ve visited her a few times in the last year or so for his uveitis episodes. He’s doing well, however, and the issue is unrelated. The pictures he sent her made her very happy.

“A cat would get ill if it frequently ate bananas, however. Thus, it’s clear that he doesn’t follow a strict diet.”

“This made me and my husband die,” a second person stated.
The rescue cat usually eats wet food twice a day when he’s not being spoilt by his delicious nana, but he also loves salads and especially likes Brussels sprouts and lettuce.
When Bean’s owner saw a post about a cute white kitten in need of a home, she decided to adopt him since she had been abandoned as a baby.

In a matter of minutes, he was scooped up and taken to his permanent home, where he now resides with Pirate, Ninja, and Raptor, his three fellow cats.

Bean, you cute little oddball, never change.


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