When a teeny small cat brother meets a border collie with the “kindest” eyes, hearts melt.


Certain animals are born nurturers; they seem to know just how to support other species in the animal world. This is the situation with Jerry, a sensitive, little kitten that sought comfort and company in the loving hug of Sola, a dog.

At their initial encounter, Jerry and Sola were both cautious and curious. The dog, who had never seen something so little, walked up to it looking both fascinated and worried. Conversely, the kitten was first hesitant since, at such a young age, it had already experienced the harsh truths of life.

Days went by, and their friendship became stronger. Sola assumed the position of guardian, as if sensing the kitten’s vulnerability. In response, Jerry started to see the dog as a friend and protector rather than as a danger.

Their exchanges revealed a great deal about the transcendental power of love and compassion.
It was clear how the kitten had changed. Under Sola’s protective eye, he flourished and developed from a weak creature into a lively one.
They played happily every day, chasing each other around, nuzzling each other, and spending quiet times together.
But their friendship went beyond just amusement. Sola showed a natural sense of accountability, particularly when Jerry was ill.

She showed a degree of sensitivity one may not anticipate from an animal by constantly offering consolation to the sick cat.

Two months passed, and their relationship changed. The once unsure kitten now confidently pranced about, often mimicking the dog’s actions. Jerry seemed to think he was a huge dog as well!

Their bond was simple, and that was its charm. There was just pure, unadulterated love; there were no judgements or demands. It was a reminder that even in the midst of hardship, unexpected friendships may arise and provide comfort and company.

The lives of the dog and the kitten were enhanced by one another. While the kitten found safety and affection in its new partner, the dog found a new purpose in taking care of the cat.

Their narrative demonstrates the power of love and the remarkable connections that may arise out of the blue. The two’s video went viral and had over 6 million views.

Numerous others saw how expressive Sola’s eyes were when she observed Jerry: “It’s really remarkable how she lowers her profile to that of a kitten and tilts her head, displaying thoughtful and intelligent eyes.” Oh, please ask God to grant this woman’s kind to every animal.

Another person stated: “It was so adorable to watch the dog gently caress the kitten.”

Jerry and Sola’s tale serves as a reminder that love has no bounds, friendships can blossom in the most unlikely of locations, and sometimes all we need is someone to support us no matter how different we are from one another.

See the whole tale of Jerry and Sola in the video down below!

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