Funny parrot constantly “checking in” on the traffic camera on the highway


Nowadays, cameras are positioned carefully to keep an eye on traffic on busy roads.
But sometimes, these cameras record something else than the typical automobiles and trucks.

A traffic camera in Curitiba, Brazil had an unexpected visitor in a pleasant twist: an Amazon parrot with a turquoise front.

Watchers get a funny sight of the parrot’s face as it curiously peers suspiciously into the camera’s field of vision from above.

Arteris Planalto Sul, a highway management business, couldn’t help but share the amusing scene on their Twitter account.

“This morning we received a very special visit in one of our CCTV circuit’s cameras at km 115 of BR-116/PR in Curibita,” the tweet reads. The scientific name for the species was determined to be Amazon aestiva, or parrot. only observing
This was a welcome difference on a site where their feed is usually populated with boring videos of passing cars.

On that particular day, a happy face that made many people grin was recorded by the camera.

The video went viral right after, receiving over 293,000 views on Twitter alone.

There were a lot of responses on the internet.
One person wrote, “What a beautiful thing.”
One more person commented, “Haha, that was good.”
An further user said, “A playful parrot! Haha.

The video clip became so well-known that it was even mentioned on the well-known programme “Good Morning America.”

Known by its scientific name, Amazona aestiva, the turquoise-fronted amazon is a bigger species of parrot that is often found in savannas, open spaces, and woods across South America.

Particularly common are nations like Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and northern Argentina.

These parrots’ vivid green bodies make them incredibly appealing.

Their supposedly bright crowns and blue foreheads only serve to enhance their allure.

The quantity of yellow on the head varies throughout individuals and areas; some have mostly yellow faces, according to eBird. On the shoulders, there are variations in the quantity of red and yellow. Large red patches may be seen on the inner wings when in flight.

Remarkably, one of the most common kinds of parrots maintained as companions or pets is the turquoise-fronted amazon.

Looking back to its past, Animals Wiki states that the 10th edition of Systema Naturae, which Linnaeus published in the 18th century, included descriptions of several species, including the turquoise-fronted amazon. The feminine version of the Latin adjective aestivus, which means “of the summer,” is its special epithet.

With a lifetime of 50 to 60 years, these fascinating birds are well-known for their variety of vocalisations, which include “whistles, shrieks, and yapping help notes.”

These birds are quite charming and distinctive, and this one is the most unusual of the bunch. It was a source of immense happiness for people everywhere.

Watch the sweet video below to see this parrot’s entertaining behaviours if you’re wondering!

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