Beloved Adelaide pitbull turns on owners and attacks family member


When the family’s cherished pitbull viciously attacked his mother and uncle, the six-year-old kid was forced to hide in the toilet.
Tuesday night, at a Brompton house in Adelaide’s inner-north, Colicchie, a pitbull shar pei mix, attacked his owner’s brother, 42, and sister, 39.

The family dog, who has been there for eight years, ‘dragged around’ their daughter, according to a relative who wishes to remain anonymous.
She added that although a two-month-old infant was also living in the house, her grandson had been calling out for his mother from within the bathroom.

She said to 9News, “She was on the ground here, and his teeth were into her arm.” It was terrible to see as the dog pulled her about. I was screaming and she had her eyes rolling behind her head.

The dog was attacked and stopped by being thrown hot water; nonetheless, the lady managed to free her and confine the dog to a bedroom. The dog attempted to burrow through the wood and she was obliged to keep the bedroom door closed.

There is blood on the walls, the floor, and a door doorknob in the home’s video. The dog tore pieces of wood out of a door’s bottom.

About 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to neighbours who heard the terrifying cries, up to four police vehicles pulled up to the house. Police officers that responded to the site, according to the relative, were scared as well. “I want him to be put down.” She said, “I want dogs out of my life forever.”

About 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday, up to four police vehicles pulled up to the house. The two casualties were taken by paramedics to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where they stayed on Wednesday after undergoing surgery.

Officers from the council took the unregistered dog away from the residence.The dog’s owner has verified that it will be euthanized on Thursday.

It comes after a Sydney veterinarian demanded that some dangerous dog breeds be outlawed in Australia in order to save owners or their family from being fatally attacked by their pets.


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