Celebrating Charlotte: Brookfield Zoo’s Beloved Otter Turns 15!


A Special Birthday Celebration

Charlotte, one of the most cherished otters at the Brookfield Zoo, recently marked a significant milestone in her life – her 15th birthday! To commemorate this special occasion, the dedicated staff at the zoo pulled out all the stops to ensure Charlotte’s celebration was nothing short of extraordinary.

A Cake Fit for a Queen (Otter)

As part of her birthday festivities, the zookeepers prepared a unique cake filled with all of Charlotte’s favorite fishy treats. This delectable surprise was sure to delight the birthday otter and create lasting memories for all who witnessed the celebration.

Joyous Moments with Guests

Guests visiting the zoo gathered around to witness Charlotte’s excitement as she eagerly dug into her special birthday cake. The heartwarming sight of Charlotte enjoying her treats brought smiles to the faces of onlookers and further solidified her status as a beloved resident of the Brookfield Zoo.

A Charismatic and Beloved Resident

Known for her charming personality and playful antics, Charlotte has captured the hearts of visitors to the zoo. Her endearing demeanor and entertaining activities make her one of the most adored members of the Brookfield Zoo community.

Here’s to Many More Years of Happiness

As Charlotte celebrates her 15th birthday, we extend our warmest wishes for many more years of joy and delight at the Brookfield Zoo. May Charlotte continue to bring happiness to all who encounter her and remain a beloved fixture at the zoo for years to come!

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