“Cricket plague” has been affecting Melbourne as a result of the abnormally warm and dry weather.


The ‘cricket plague’ has struck Melbourne as a result of the abnormally warm and dry weather.
For one very important reason, thousands of loud animals have taken up residence in the suburbs of a large city in Australia.Swarms of crickets are swarming the suburbs of Melbourne, and footage posted on social media show thousands of crickets flooding the streets.

Between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, a significant number of crickets were seen in a variety of locations, including Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Thornbury, and Heidelberg. A senior curator at the Museums Victoria Research Institute named Dr. Ken Walker told news.com.au that the high numbers may be traced back to the circumstances that existed over the previous winter.

The phrase “it goes back to our last winter” was said by Dr. Walker.


In the event that we have a really dry winter, then things will survive extremely well.

It was a pretty mild winter for us; we did not experience freezing temperatures, which are known to kill a great number of insects.

The weather was so mild that rather of waiting until spring to mate, they were actually able to breed throughout the winter because they were able to begin their reproductive process earlier. As a result, there is an explosion of crickets.


In an interview with news.com.au, Dr. Scarlett Howard, who is a member of the faculty of science at Monash University, said that the increase of numbers was also tied to the present circumstances.
According to her, “We have had more rainy and wet summers this year throughout the months of December and January, and when you combine those with warm weather and humidity, you have the ideal conditions for them to come out,” she added.

People should “be kind to crickets,” according to Dr. Howard, who said that crickets are not the most harmful animals.

“If you keep your fly screens closed, they should be able to enter your home,” she said.
On the other hand, locals have flocked to social media in order to vente their anger.

There is a stream on Reddit that is flooded with people complaining about the animals.

It is somewhat peculiar because they may be seen in every single location in Melbourne. “It’s like a plague,” one individual made a complaint about.


It is possible to find them all across the Melbourne airport. “Just like inside,” another person commented.
At least one individual was under the impression that it was some kind of “mass escape from a scientific experiment.”

“Opened up my shop at 5:30 in the morning after the suppliers had delivered overnight, and the floor was covered in dead crickets that must have come in with the deliveries,” a fourth person commented.

“The first hour was spent cleaning,” the speaker said. While they were dining on them this morning, magpies were having a great time.