‘Left to be eaten by wild creatures,’ a newborn abandoned infant is saved by a stray who carries it to safety.


The infant, who had scratches and bruises when taken to the hospital, is now OK.
According to accounts, a stray dog found an abandoned infant that was reportedly left by her mother to be eaten by wild animals and miraculously transported her to safety.

According to reports, the animal discovered the infant girl in a rubbish bag on Wednesday inside the town hall in Tripoli, in northern Lebanon.

When the dog started pulling the sack with the infant inside, a bystander overheard a wailing sound coming from it, according to The National.

Before being brought to the Tripoli Government Hospital, the infant was taken to the Islamic Hospital.

People reported her health as being serious but stable, and her survival as a “miracle.”
Online images of the infant reveal that she suffered wounds and bruises during the tragic incident, but she is believed to have healed swiftly.

Many people have pointed out that the puppy “has more humanity” than the “criminal” parents, sparking considerable indignation and condemnation of the horrible deed.

One Twitter user, Farid, commented, “Some say the dog is an unclean animal and, of course, this is not true.”

“The dog has a lot more kindness, intelligence, and humanity.”

Animals exhibit greater compassion than people, according to another tweet.

A lot of people have also expressed interest in adopting the abandoned infant.

Police are looking into who was responsible for the heinous abandonment.

As living conditions in the poor nation get worse, anecdotal reports of child abuse and dumping are on the rise.

The second-largest city in Lebanon, Tripoli, has the highest rate of poverty in the nation.


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