Nobody else wanted the dog that he adopted. It ultimately saved his life.


A dog is supposedly a man’s best buddy.

One New Jersey man’s rescue dog has evolved into much more for him.
By the time Sadie, a 100-pound German Shepherd, arrived at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey, in early 2020, she had been turned away by three other shelters. Sadie struggled with anxiety and felt particularly nervous around men.
Megan Brinster, executive director of RBARI, told CNN that her organization serves as a type of last resort for dogs that have been abandoned. “We’ve become pretty skilled at placing these kinds of dogs.

According to Brinster, “We had assumed Sadie would end up in a woman’s home.” “However, as soon as we introduced Brian to her and he saw her, we knew it was love at first sight. She covered him completely.

Myers brought Sadie home at the beginning of October. Myers and Sadie became good friends amid the seclusion of the pandemic after spending three months getting to know one another and exercising together.
“We were able to work through all of her (anxiety) issues,” Myers told CNN. She is an extraordinary dog.

Sadie demonstrated precisely how exceptional on January 18.

Myers, who had recovered from Covid-19 earlier that year, claimed, “I woke up one night to use the restroom and when I got up, I felt my legs give out from underneath me and I fell to the floor.”

“I couldn’t reach my phone since I was confined in a little space between my bed and the wall. I pondered, “How long will I be stuck here before someone finds me?,” as I lay there on the floor.

Sadie came to Myers after realizing something was wrong and began kissing his face and acting distressed.

The moment I put my hand on her collar in an effort to comfort her, she started dragging me across the room, where I was able to grab my phone and call for assistance.

Myers and his devoted friend had a heartfelt reunion following almost three weeks at a recovery center.

She was embracing me, kissing me, and kicking my mask off, all I could think was, “I love this dog,” recalled Myers, who is now preparing to pen a young-adult novel about Sadie.

We are certain that the sensations are reciprocal, if there is one thing we are certain of.


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